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    Rally for Rivers is a campaign launched by Isha Foundation to create awareness on protecting rivers. Sadhguru, the founder of Isha Foundation, plans to create awareness on the issue and revive the rivers. Ganga, Krishna, Narmada, Kaveri rivers are some of the focus areas.A Nationwide rally was organized and the rally reached in Kerala on 05th September and Muthoot Finance participated in this event through sponsoring T Shirts to the volunteers.


    AdiPamba and Varattar are two rivers that are linking Pampa and Manimala rivers. Due to encroachment and pollution both Varattar and Aadi Pampa rivers got died, dead and abandoned. Through the efforts taken by local community & Muthoot Finance, the river was cleaned and rejuvenated.


    efforts taken by local community & Muthoot Finance, the river was cleaned and rejuven



    Muthoot Haritha Theeram is a project aimed at promoting pesticides-free organic vegetables. The program encourages individuals and families to cultivate organic vegetables within the premises of their own homes. On the inauguration of the initiative, Muthoot Finance distributed 3,000 vegetable grow bags to over 300 families in Chellanam, a coastal village in Ernakulam, Kerala.

    The Muthoot Group is an environmentally conscious organisation and as part of its continuous efforts towards improvement of environmental hygiene, the Group has started a garbage bin distribution drive. In its first phase, the Muthoot Group provided 100 garbage bins to the Residents' Welfare Association (RWA) of Alaknanda colony in South Delhi. The initiative aims at highlighting the importance of clean environment and ensuring a more hygienic atmosphere in the area. The dustbins given by The Muthoot Group have been installed at various locations and markets in the colony, hence ensuring hygienic environs in the locality.

    The Muthoot Group, in association with WWF-India, is working towards elephant conservation with a special focus on managing the Human-Elephant Conflict (HEC) and protecting elephant habitats.

    The project is being implemented in selected areas of Uttarakhand, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and West Bengal. The project entails measures such as formation of Anti Depredation Squads (ADS), conducting regular training and orientation sessions of these ADS, setting up of low cost solar fences around villages and electric fencings around agricultural fields. Infra-red motion sensors that activate alarms on sensing elephants in the vicinity have also been developed and installed. Torch lights and search lights have been distributed in several areas to help locals in spotting elephants and preventing damage to crops, property and life.

    Finally, there’s peace…

    After almost a year of implementation of these HEC mitigation measures, there is some respite for the villagers. They have reported that while there were frequent instances of damage to crops and human property & life due to recurring elephant raids in the past, there have been marginal to absolutely no such incidences post installation of HEC mitigation measures in their villages. They now live fearless lives free from elephant raids and the resultant mayhem!

    …And the fields are green again

    Frequent crop raids by elephants and the consequent damage to the crops had forced farmers in several villages to stop cultivation and leave vast areas of land fallowed. This in turn affected their earnings adversely making their situations even tougher. With the installation of HEC management measures, elephant raids in farms have reduced considerably. This has helped in developing confidence among farmers and they have restarted cultivation on these lands after many years. The pastures are now green again!

    In January of 2013, The Muthoot Group launched a social media campaign urging users to help the group plant trees. An application was developed on Facebook wherein users had to like The Muthoot Group’s page. Each like contributed towards the number of trees planted by The Muthoot Group. At the end of the campaign it was announced that 104 trees would be planted by The Muthoot Group on behalf of it’s fans.

    In August 2013, a small contingent of employees from the Alwar region and Delhi Region went to Sariska National park and planted the promised 104 trees in association with and KRAPAVIS (associated NGOs).

    The trees were planted on protected land far from the reach of urban stresses. The NGOs are dedicated towards ensuring the survival of the saplings. The saplings will receive only naturally procured fertilizers and will hence not be adding to the toxicity of the soil around them. Several saplings were those of fruit bearing trees, which will in turn allow the local population of the region to use the produce for their everyday trade and consumption. The initiative also indirectly contributes to the preservation of the green cover found in Sariska National Park and it’s surrounding areas hence preserving the habitats of endangered species such as the famous Royal Bengal Tigers of the region.

    Very much like water and air pollution, noise pollution is also one of the alarming environmental problem .Increased number of vehicles on the road and rash driving contribute to this problem. “Horn Not OK Please” is an initiative to bring more awareness on this problem. Yi Kochi’s and Muthoot Environment Research Foundation’s initiative against Noise Pollution “Horn Not Ok Pleas” Poster designing competition was held at TocH School Auditorium, Vytila on 15th October, 2011. Dr. Madhavan Nair, Former Chairman ISRO gave away the prizes to the winners of the Competition at a Yi Learning session on 21st October, 2011 at Hotel Le Meridian in the presence of Mr. George M George, Executive Director, The Muthoot Group, Mr. Pramod B Nair, Ms. Anuradha Ganesh, Executive, Young Indians(Yi) & Executive, Confederation of Indian Industry (Southern Region)

    While there is increasing awareness on pollution of the environment through physical pollutants, noise pollution is the least talked/written about. An irritant that can even cause loss of hearing over time, noise pollution has reached alarming levels due to the increased number of vehicles on the road, indiscriminate honking of horns and revving of engines as people adopt rash and impatient driving to reach their destinations in time. “Horn Not OK Please” is an initiative by Muthoot Environment Research Foundation and the Kochi chapter of Yi (Young Indians) a part of CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) and a platform for young Indians who visualize a developed and ideal India. This program is designed to invite attention to the problem of noise pollution from traffic and to suggest ways to minimize it.

    A “Horn Not OK Please” Poster designing competition was held at TocH School Auditorium where Dr. Madhavan Nair (Former Chairman ISRO) in the presence of Mr. George M George (Executive Director, The Muthoot Group), Mr Pramod B Nair and Ms. Anuradha Ganesh (Executive, Young Indians & Confederation of Indian Industry-Southern Region) gave prizes to the winners.

    As cities become over-crowded, the infrastructure and other facilities provided by the State and Municipal Corporations become inadequate to handle the load. One such area where public co-operation is required is in efficient waste disposal and maintenance of a clean environment. The benefits of a green and clean city are better health, environment and quality of life for all its citizens. The Muthoot Group in association with Kochi Municipal Corporation organized a ‘Clean City- Green City’ Marathon to promote and educate the youth and other members of the public about the health hazards of ineffective waste management and techniques of effective waste disposal.

    Pesticide free, clean and fresh vegetables have become a rare commodity. People are suffering from various diseases due to the consumption of contaminated, pesticide infected vegetables .In order to create awareness on this great danger that is affecting our society and to motivate people to develop vegetable garden in their own homes, Muthoot Finance, in association with Malayala Manorama organized seminars named ” Ente Adukalathottam”(My kitchen garden) at Trivandrum, Kochi and Calicut. These informative seminars anchored by Professors from Agricultural University, were well attended by the public. Apart from literature on kitchen gardens, good quality vegetable seeds were also distributed at these seminars Muthoot Group participated in the Clean City Green City Marathon at Kochi.

    Following were the objectives of Kochi Mini Marathon:-

    • To create awareness to all the youth of Kochi on the concept “Clean City, Green City”.
    • To create awareness about waste management techniques through mini marathon and other visual propaganda.
    • To create awareness and knowledge about the health hazards because of ineffective waste management.
    • To improve the health standard and quality of living of the people.

    The Muthoot Group directors along with more than 50 employees in colourful T-Shirts emblazoned with the Company’s Logo participated in this road show.
    As part of the clean city green city project Muthoot finance also organized road show along with the Corporation of cochin. A well decorated vehicle with the message Clean City, Green City was taken around the whole of Cochin Corporation .The road show van was flagged of by the Kochi Mayor in presence of Muthoot Finance, Managing Director Shri. George Alexander Muthoot .

    Projects like Core Banking Services (CBS), Human Resource Management System (HRMS), CRM (Customer Relation Management) and FAMS (Fixed Asset Management System) have been implemented which have aided in reducing the paperwork in the organization.

    Dr. Georgie Kurian Muthoot, Executive Director, Muthoot Health Care Division inaugurated the Solar Water Heater & Water Purifying System that was donated to a Kozhencherry Govt. School, Kerala.