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    He is 15 year old. Shoaib lost his mother in 2011 and he lives with his father,sister and brother.His father runs a small business of making and selling purses,and his brother helps support the family by selling shoes at weekly markets.

    Shoaib has just taken his class X examinations. His association with Magic Bus dates back to February 2012.And since then,he has dreamed of nothing but being a cricketer like his idol Sachin Tendulkar! Nevertheless,he does look forward to studying hard and taking up aregular office job . A good school would mean helping him learn English, a crucial skill that can only help him get a good job, he believes.

    Being a part of Magic Bus, he is also keen to share his newly acquired education with his friends and other who haven’t had the opportunity he has. He wants to help motivate more youngsters to study and work hard.

    As for himself,he is grateful that The Muthoot Group has provided him the opportunity to better his education and his life.

    Fourteen-year-old bunty lives in Delhi and enjoys attending school. The son of shopkeeper father and homemaker mother, Bunty dreams of being a businessman when he grows up.

    For Bunty, a Class VII student, having a school nearby is a crucial factor to continuing his education. Most families would rather not send young children to school if it means that they would have to travel alone. Despite having realized this,Bunty look forward to learning as much as he can and motivating other children to go to school.

    One day at school, Bunty noticed a group of his friends attempting to directly his a set of stumps with a cricket ball. A skilled fielder himself ,Bunty asked one of his seniors if he could join them. It was at that moment he become a part of The Muthoot Group’s “Dus Ki Toli” initiative. Having performed the best out of all his schoolmates, Bunty was selected to become a ball boy for Delhi Daredevil’s home matches.

    ” I would like to say a big thanks to Muthoot Group for giving mr such a wonderful opportunity,”He says. ” I would like to request to them to continue to do the same for other children too.”

    From Jasola village, is 16 years old and dreams of being a doctor .It is that keeps her motivated to attend school regularly. The fact the magic Bus brings quality education to the doorstep of less-privileged children is blessing , an opportunity that will build her confidence and help shape her personality.

    She is grateful that Magic Bus has allowed her to gain tha knowledge she has , and looks forward to sharing her education by reaching out to other like her.

    During her free time she volunteers with C4C teaching the children cricket.”Seeing the smiles on their faces makes me happy,”she says.

    She also believes that The Muthoot Group, through the Dus Ki Toli initiative, is doing a great job in
    getting children and youth from marginalized communities involved. She hopes that more orgnization will undertake such outreach programs in economically disadvantaged communities and areas.

    For Sagar Verma, becoming a cricketer isn’t just a dream, it is an ambition.The 14-year old, born to a shoe-maker father and a homemaker mother,grew up idolizing Virender Sehwag, hoping to be a cricketer like him someday.

    Sagar attends school regularly and enjoys education, while never letting cricket take a back seat. He regularly participates in Magic Bus’weekly cricket sessions and tournaments.

    Life changed for Sagar when The Muthoot Group chose him as a Ball Boy for Delhi’s home matches as a part of their Dus Ki Toli initiative. Never in his life did he think he would get to be on the cricket field, watching his icon, Virender Sehwag, playing up close! He is very grateful to The Muthoot Group for making him a part of the IPL and hopes that someday,they can help him(and those who live a similar life as him) to get into a cricketing academy
    and play for India.

    Sonu is 14 years old and harbours dreams of playing cricket professionally.She lives in Begampur, while her father supports the family by working as a security guard.

    Sonu was a school drop-out, but resumed her education after Magic Bus convinced her of the benefits. Soon she got involved with the NGO and one day, her seniors took her along for a match. The very next day, she took her friends along and they started playing cricket regularly. As their sessions progressed, more and more children from the community joined in.

    Soon Sonu learnt of The Muthoot Group’s “Dus Ki Toli” programme through the NGO and decided to take part. Her commendable hand eye coordination earned her a place amongst the lucky few who got to become the ball boys/girls for the Delhi Daredevils.

    She is also very grateful that Muthoot Group has undertaken such an initiative and hopes that it will serve as an example for other corporates to get involved.