The Medical Aid post which functions with the services of a full-time trained Emergency Medicine Technician from the Healthcare provider also provides medicines absolutely free-of-cost. Services are provided from 6am to 6pm, with the delivery of first-aid being a priority. An ambulance is also actively stationed at the camp to transport emergency cases to Muthoot Healthcare.
    Thyroid Detection Camp
    After the official inauguration, educative sessions were jointly conducted by Dr. Cherian Mathew and Dr. Manoj Thomas Kuruvilla, encouraging the patients to
    approach thyroid diagnosis and treatment with a more open mind.
    Conducting specific thyroid related screening tests; the patients were then provided clinical consultation services by both specialists. Their practical-minded approach to diagnostic and treatment practices were instrumental in meeting the needs of the thyroid patients. The patients could therefore look forward to an early diagnosis and alleviation of symptoms.
    The patient floor, numbering well over 160 numbers which predominantly comprised many senior citizens evinced keen interest. Worldwide, thyroid testing has increased reflecting the growing prevalence of thyroid disorders. This camp was successful in enlightening the YWCA members and public about the detection and treatment of this problem which most people were ignorant about. Cases that tested positive were followed up at the Healthcare provider’s branch in Kozhencherry.

Muthoot Haathi Mera Saathi