Muthoot M George Foundation

Stemming from the value of “serving others”, the Muthoot M George Foundation was established in the memory of our Founder Chairman Late Shri M. George Muthoot. This charity wing of the colossal conglomerate nurtures some profound values that make it equally respected and recognized.
The Muthoot M. George Foundation helps a number of organizations as well as individuals in need of financial as well as medical assistance. The Foundation takes a keen interest in extending financial support to the needy in the following situations:

  • –  In case financial support is required for the treatment of illness of a family member as well as for family maintenance. These expenses are normally reimbursed directly to the hospital.
  • –  In cases when there is a need for funds for the marriage of a daughter in the family, especially in those circumstances when the girl has lost both her parents or if the daughter has a widowed mother.
  • –  In case a child does not have the required funds to complete his or her higher education in a Professional Course.