Deputy Managing Director

Deputy Managing Director

George Muthoot George

I am extremely proud to present before you the snapshot of this year’s CSR activities that we have conducted across our area of operations. Doing what is right for the people and communities is more than just one step at a time – but billions of them. We believe real change always begins from the choices we make everyday. Beholding our strong values and fundamental principles, our organization has made strong imprints in society through our CSR interventions. All the activities have been performed with ethics and integrity, respecting people and preserving the planet. Climate change is alarmingly real and we have realigned our focus to areas like Environment, Health and Education considering the holistic impact it can have on the lives of people at large.

While I am proud of how far we’ve come in meeting our ambitious targets, there’s still more ground work to do for us to implement our vision in the upcoming years. By continuing to work together and prioritizing sustainability, we will thrive further in empowering the deprived communities and ensure a greener and safer tomorrow for future generations to come.