Managing Director Message

Managing Director

Shri. George Alexander Muthoot

Muthoot Finance was able to transcend the boundaries of business as we always considered community in the forefront. Being the nation’s largest NBFC, we hold a passionate responsibility to create and nurture social empowerment. We believe social impact is the greatest employer in the country. FY 23 is a stepping stone for us – we have expanded our wings to more impactful projects and areas. The increasing frequency of adverse weather events such as floods, cyclones and drought has made us shift our focus to the Environment
as well. Sustainability will be the core objectives, while scalability will be the target that we
intend to achieve.

The CSR Highlights for the year FY 23 marks our commitments and efforts for community development across India. I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all our stakeholders for their unwavering dedication, for their persistent support, confidence, and trust in us, which has aided us in our journey towards building a sustainable future. While we instill pride in the progress so far, we understand that there is more work left to be done. And this mission cannot be achieved without the involvement and support of all our stakeholders.
I hope the continuing years will also prove to be meaningful and we can deliver long term value for all our stakeholders.