Very much like water and air pollution, noise pollution is also one of the alarming environmental problem .Increased number of vehicles on the road and rash driving contribute to this problem. “Horn Not OK Please” is an initiative to bring more awareness on this problem. Yi Kochi’s and Muthoot Environment Research Foundation’s initiative against Noise Pollution “Horn Not Ok Pleas” Poster designing competition was held at TocH School Auditorium, Vytila on 15th October, 2011. Dr. Madhavan Nair, Former Chairman ISRO gave away the prizes to the winners of the Competition at a Yi Learning session on 21st October, 2011 at Hotel Le Meridian in the presence of Mr. George M George, Executive Director, The Muthoot Group, Mr. Pramod B Nair, Ms. Anuradha Ganesh, Executive, Young Indians(Yi) & Executive, Confederation of Indian Industry (Southern Region)

While there is increasing awareness on pollution of the environment through physical pollutants, noise pollution is the least talked/written about. An irritant that can even cause loss of hearing over time, noise pollution has reached alarming levels due to the increased number of vehicles on the road, indiscriminate honking of horns and revving of engines as people adopt rash and impatient driving to reach their destinations in time. “Horn Not OK Please” is an initiative by Muthoot Environment Research Foundation and the Kochi chapter of Yi (Young Indians) a part of CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) and a platform for young Indians who visualize a developed and ideal India. This program is designed to invite attention to the problem of noise pollution from traffic and to suggest ways to minimize it.

A “Horn Not OK Please” Poster designing competition was held at TocH School Auditorium where Dr. Madhavan Nair (Former Chairman ISRO) in the presence of Mr. George M George (Executive Director, The Muthoot Group), Mr Pramod B Nair and Ms. Anuradha Ganesh (Executive, Young Indians & Confederation of Indian Industry-Southern Region) gave prizes to the winners.